Standard of Excellence First Jazz Performance - Mallets & Auxiliary Percussion

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SOE First Jazz Performance is modeled after the First Performance series by Bruce Pearson and Barrie Gott. It is a collection of ten grade ½ jazz charts, but with the addition of optional concert band instrumentation. This highly versatile and flexible book will encourage and support students in their first explorations of jazz style and performance, whether in a jazz ensemble or a concert band setting.

Highlights include:

    TEN full charts in Rock, Latin, and Swing styles.
  • RHYTHM STUDIES help players learn the rhythms used in each piece through clapping.
  • UNISON SOLOS introduce young students to jazz soloing without requiring them to improvise.
  • IMPROVISATION STARTERS included in the Director Score can be photocopied for students ready to improvise.
  • TWO Drum set parts (traditional and simplified)
  • TWO Guitar parts (melody and chorus)
  • DIRECTOR SCORE includes CD with Rhythm Studies, Unison Solo Studies, and Complete Recordings of all the charts.
  • STUDENT BOOKS include access to FREE Downloads of full length recordings of each chart; rhythm and solo study accompaniment grooves; and improvisation starter sheets.

Minimum Instrumentation:1st and 2nd Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, 1st and 2nd Trumpet, 1st Trombone, Piano, Bass, and Drum Set 1. (The Cymbals and Snare Drum/Bass Drum parts may be used with or in place of the Drum Set 1 and/or Drum Set 2 parts.)

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Composer or Author: Dean Sorenson
Arranger or Editor:
Instrument: Auxiliary Percussion, Mallet Percussion

  • Tyrannosaurus Charlie
  • Power Trip
  • Hog's Breath Cafe
  • Let's Talk About the Moon
  • Brazilian Sunset
  • Tumbleweed Gulch
  • Danza Nueva
  • Ketchup Is Not a Spice
  • A Blues to Grow On
  • Sherlock's Gone Home