Aebersold Volume 21 - Gettin' It Together

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For all musicians regardless of ability! If you use this set with Volume 1, you will have a solid foundation to meet any new challenge. This set covers major, minor (dorian, harmonic and melodic), dominant 7th, half-diminished, lydian and sus. 4. It also has a very slow blues in F and one in Bb. 31 different tracks with a lot of variety! CD tracks have been recently extended to allow more practice time without interruption.

    • practicing tips
    • ear training
    • nomenclature
    • chromaticism
    • digital patterns
    • cycle & fourth exercises
    • double-time passages
    • comments to band directors (concert, stage/jazz, orchestra, and vocal)
    • backgrounds for warm-ups
    • exercises which correspond to the written tracks