Finale 26 Academic Edition Download

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Note: This edition is for academic institutions (schools) only. Special pricing is available for site licenses in which multiple copies of the software are needed in a computer lab-type setting.

Create your way with Finale. Easily arrange or compose publisher-quality music notation that plays back with world-class sounds and share your creations with the world. From lead sheets and guitar tabs to band charts and orchestral scores, Finale empowers you to create anything you wish. What’s more, Finale accommodates your workflow, so you can also create any way you wish.

Finale offers:

  • Note entry options – Play a MIDI keyboard, use a mouse and computer keyboard, or import a variety of file types.
  • More sounds – With more than 500 Garritan instruments and Human Playback, your music becomes a life-like performance.
  • Powerful features – Enjoy linked parts, music educator resources, ReWire support, and many other innovative features.
  • Help Resources – Enjoy free online technical support, video tutorials, and the industry's best help resources.

Finale version 26 is a full 64-bit application incorporating new features, bug fixes, and under-the- hood enhancements resulting in improved performance. Many enhancements in this upgrade focus on helping you more quickly and easily create exactly the notation you desire.