Instrument Rental Program Details
Renting from Ellis Music is easy, affordable, and smart!

Ellis Music rents instruments to students and individuals throughout Vermont and New Hampshire. Renting is a great way to try an instrument without making a large financial investment and has additional benefits as well. If you decide you want to switch instruments, your rental instrument can be easily exchanged for a different instrument. The instrument can be returned if you decide to stop playing. And while you rent, most repairs are covered at no charge when you sign up for the optional repair and replacement plan.

Ellis Music's rental plan makes playing (and eventually owning!) an instrument affordable. For the equivalent of as little as 67 cents per day, you can have a quality instrument in your hands or those of your child. Rental payments you make accrue as "rent credit" that applies toward the purchase of your rental instrument or a new intermediate/professional model instrument.

Our "repair and replacement" plan keeps your mind at ease by guaranteeing that the instrument will be replaced if stolen or destroyed in a fire and the instrument will be repaired at no cost while you are renting. (Refer to our rental agreement for specific coverage details, limitations, and customer responsibilities.)

  Rental Basics

  • Monthly Rental Rate: $20-$45 per month for most instruments.
  • Minimum Commitment: 2 months for students, 3 months for adults. The first two or three months of rent must be paid in advance of receiving the instrument, and this initial payment is non-refundable.
  • Repair & Replacement Plan: one-time only charge of $5-$15 (depending on instrument) covers instrument for entire rental period!
  • To start an instrument rental, simply fill out a rental agreement and make the required initial payment.  The rental agrement can be completed at the store, by postal mail, or online.

Instruments Available for Rental from Ellis Music

To see an image and basic information about an instrument, click on its name.

Note: Schools/teachers do not necessarily offer lessons on all instruments listed here. When in doubt, check with your school or music teacher. Certain large instruments, including baritone saxophone, tuba, and marimba, are not available for rental (but Ellis Music does sell these instruments).

Bass Clarinet
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax
French Horn
Snare Drum
Percussion/Bell Kit
Double Bass

Rent Online Now

Instruments not listed above (including soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone, tuba, and drum set) may be purchased from Ellis Music but are not available for rental. Financing options are available for purchases.

For instructions on returning an instrument that you are renting, please see our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Additional information about our rental program is available by calling (802) 234-6400.