Instrument repair involves some terms that may not be familiar to the general public. Here are some definitions.


Adjust and Regulate – Making sure that pads close together as needed, oiling key mechanisms, and securing loose screws. 

Internal Clean – Removing all slides, pistons, and/or rotors, and using the Ultrasonic Cleaner®. Replacing all corks, felts, french horn strings, valve guides, and springs as needed. Lubricating slides, pistons and rotors.

Play Condition (P.C.) – Doing whatever work is needed to get the instrument ready to play. Usually this involves changing pads, corks and minor dent work.

Overhaul – Includes repad, plus stripping down the entire instrument and re-plating or re-lacquering keys.

Repad – Replacing all the pads and corks, cleaning and polishing the instrument (as needed), providing key fit, and getting the instrument into its best possible playing condition.

Solder - Reattaching broken pieces on a brass instrument.

Valve Re-fit – Re-plating the valves to ensure a proper fit in the casing.

If you have any questions about repair work completed on your instrument by Ellis Music, contact our repair shop personnel, and they will be glad to explain what was done.