Upgrade Your Instrument

Upgrading Your Flute

Features of upgraded flutes include:

  • Solid silver headjoint and body (improves tone quality)
  • Open hole keys (allows for fine tuning of notes and special effects)
  • B foot (expands range and improves tone quality of upper register notes)

Flutes may have an offset G key or an inline G key; this difference is strictly one of personal preference. An offset G key is designed to fit the hand more naturally for a more comfortable ergonomic feel, but some players may prefer the inline G.

The shape of the embouchure hole differs slightly by manufacturer and model. This can affect ease of play and tone quality. However, the impact may be different for each person. This is one reason for trying at least a couple different instruments when upgrading.

Flute Model Comparison

  Level Open Hole
B Foot Silver
Gemeinhardt 2SP Student  
Yamaha YFL-200AD Student  
Selmer SFL611BO Intermediate  
Gemeinhardt 3SBNG Intermediate  
Gemeinhardt 3SH Intermediate  
Yamaha YFL-362H Intermediate  
Yamaha YFL-381H Intermediate  
Yamaha YFL-462H Intermediate  
Yamaha YFL-462HLPGP Intermediate gold lip plate
Yamaha YFL-481H Intermediate  
Gemeinhardt 33OSBC1 Advanced  

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