First Place for Jazz, Drums

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First Place for Jazz is a comprehensive jazz curriculum built from the ground up — essential for implementing the jazz ensemble curriculum. The book is divided into three sections by key: Concert Bb, F, and Eb. Within each section the major, Mixolydian, Dorian, and blues scales and correlated chords of that key are introduced through Jazz Starters, Rhythm Section Spotlights, and Rhythm Sectionals. These enrichments prepare students to play each of the 12 original grade 1-2 Jazz Ensemble Charts and Lead Sheets. Suitable for group or individual instruction, this unique organization, combined with a host of innovative features including Kjos Interactive Practice Studio and availability in SmartMusic, will provide bands with the tools it will need.

    • Jumpin' Jellybeans
    • Quarterback Sneak
    • A Darker Shade of Gray
    • Pink Flamingo Night
    • Summer in Sao Paulo
    • The Lady Knows Her Cheese
    • Lucky Seven
    • Chasing the Sun
    • Evening Stroll
    • Crutch Not Much
    • Little Bees
    • Rollin' the Blues Away