School Deliveries & Support

Ellis Music is proud to support school music programs in Vermont and New Hampshire by offering exceptional service to teachers and communities.

Photo of an Ellis Music van parked in front of a school

From the time the school year begins in August until it ends in June, Ellis Music representatives visit hundreds of schools on a regular basis to provide ongoing customer service.

During visits to the schools, representatives can deliver music and accessories ordered by teachers or individuals, pick up instruments that need repair, drop off loaner instruments, and deliver new rentals. Our representatives help music teachers by answering questions, fixing minor repairs, and making sure they have everything they need.

Ellis Music service area map

Ellis Music also offers:
• An affordable rental plan featuring quality brand-name band and orchestra instruments (Yamaha, Conn-Selmer, Ludwig, etc.)
• Reliable instrument repairs by skilled technicians
• Convenient website shopping option*
• Music folders and name tags
Band, orchestral, and choral arrangements at discounts up to 20%
• School lease plans for purchasing expensive instruments
• A free directory of teachers in Vermont and New Hampshire who offer private music instruction


Most products that are kept in stock appear on the Ellis Music website... but Ellis Music can order almost anything, so please inquire about any musical product you want that is not displayed on the website.

Teachers are encouraged to contact Ellis Music for additional details about any of the services listed on this page, as well as any other inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions about School Services

After checking in, our representatives typically find the music teacher(s) in a classroom to deliver items, check in to see if supplies are needed, answer questions and provide support, then pick up any instruments needing to be delivered back to Ellis Music. If the music teacher is not available, our representative will drop off and pick up items based on a list of transactions that have been pre-arranged by the music teacher or by individuals who have contacted the store. At certain schools, business is conducted through the main office or there is another established pickup/dropoff location within the building. When a music teacher works at more than one school, we work to coordinate dropoffs and pickups in a manner that is efficient and works best for both the teacher and for Ellis Music.

No. The Ellis Music representative completes all pre-arranged transactions through a process coordinated with the school's instrumental music teacher. As long as you have made arrangements with Ellis Music to have something picked up or delivered, it will get done, as long as the Ellis representative is able to access the designated pickup/dropoff location and the instrument to be picked up (if applicable) is there.

It’s hard to say. While our timing is fairly consistent from week to week, the exact time varies due to many factors, including traffic and road conditions, school schedules, teacher availability, and number of transactions at each school. If you need an instrument picked up or want to get a repair estimate for an instrument, it’s best to make sure the instrument is in the designated Ellis Music location first thing in the morning (or even better, the day before we are scheduled to be there). We may visit some schools before students arrive, and on the other end of the spectrum, we might not arrive at certain schools until after students have left for the day. That’s because a representative might be scheduled to visit 20 or more schools per day. We do strive to visit schools at a time that is convenient for music educators.

While we would love to say ‘yes’, it would be inefficient and impractical — given the wide region we serve — to make travel plans as orders come in. For efficiency, we have a set schedule of trips to schools based on geographic location that ensures we make it to every school on a regular basis. Depending on the school calendar and when you place your order, delivery could happen anywhere between 1 and 13 days afterward. If you call Ellis Music, someone can tell you when the next scheduled trip to your school will be. Alternatives to our free school delivery include visiting the storefront or paying to have items shipped directly to your home or workplace.

The cutoff time for having items delivered to a school is typically 3:00pm either one or two business days before the scheduled dropoff date.