Customer Testimonials

“I want to thank all of you for the support that you so graciously extend to all the music educators that you serve; I seriously doubt that there is another music company that gives each customer the individual attention that you all so willingly give us, and always with a smile!.... Music education is alive and well in Vermont, and the Ellis Music Company is at the core of much of that success!”
Frank W. (Burlington, Vt.)
“Just want everyone to know that the tenor sax repair guy at Ellis is a wizard! I was expecting to leave my horn for a week in order to have it fixed. He did it while I waited and then proceeded to knock out all the little dings and adjust the keys so it plays better than it did when I first got it. Kudos to Ellis, and please be nice to your saxomagician!”
Lisa Y. (Norwich, Vt.)
“Thank you.. for the generous scholarship you awarded me last spring. The greatest thing a person can do is to spread and endorse the art of music. Your company has been doing it since before I can remember! Thank you for helping me on my way to do the same.”
David B. (Bakersfield, Vt.)
"You are all amazing! We placed the order on Sunday and it arrived on Tuesday! Thanks again for the awesome customer service... very hard to find such great service anymore, however your company is always top notch."
Marana M. (West Rutland, Vt.)
"Just a quick note to indicate how pleased I am with the work recently done on my euphonium. It plays and looks like a brand new instrument, slides and valves now move beautifully and I couldn't be more satisfied. Thank you so much."
David K. (Columbia, N.H.)
“Thanks for having the best musical instrument rental program anywhere in the whole United States of America (maybe even the whole world!).”
Pete S. (Langdon, N.H.)
“I have enjoyed working with your company and appreciate the polite way I have been treated when I have had questions.”
Susan Q. (Salisbury, Vt.)
“I have been playing flute for 35 years; I own a top end Gemeinhardt open hole model. The Gemeinhardt you sent for my daughter, a beginner, is fabulous! The tone quality is great and the key action is perfect... I am so impressed by this instrument I am seriously considering taking it to a rehearsal tonight and leaving mine at home!”
Tracy C. (Ferrisburgh, Vt.)
“When I came in the technician explained the minimum that would need to be done to bring my flute back to health, and also took the time to explain how a complete refurbishing could actually save me money if I was really going to get into playing the flute again. Her expertise and attitude greatly impressed me. There was no pressure, and I knew I was getting an honest appraisal.”
Eileen H. (Randolph, Vt.)
“Thank you for the time you spent Saturday helping my daughter upgrade her flute. Such positive reinforcement is rare in a 15-year-old’s life. Your services have made all of the difference in enabling our youth to excel in music and we greatly appreciate your efforts.”
Olivia B. (Newport, Vt.)
“Lisa and I want you to know how much we appreciate the fine work you performed on our 1930+/- Selmer clarinet. It has never looked or played better in my memory. We also appreciate your excellent service, including the prompt estimate and picking up and returning the instrument to Charlotte.”
Tom H. (Charlotte, Vt.)
“Thank you so much for your kind help with our rentals. Ellis Music has been in my life since the 1970s and your business continues with strong integrity. What a pleasure!”
Jeff W. (Perkinsville, Vt.)
“Over the past ten years I have rented and then bought three instruments from your company. Being a single parent, this would have been extremely difficult for me if it were not for your rental/buying policy... Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This has meant a great deal to me, and I recommend you often to my friends.”
Linda (Shaftsbury, Vt.)
“Thank you so much for servicing my saxophone.... It plays so much better now!”
Ben G. (Vernon, Vt.)
“Thanks... Whether it was our first trombone, repairs, new parts, or our upgrade to “professional” level, you’ve been there to provide guidance we needed.”
Marcia I. (Lebanon, N.H.)
“During my 31 years of teaching instrumental music in Vermont schools, the Ellis Music Company has been the most dependable, supportive, and reliable music store with which to deal.... Ellis Music is a major contributor to why so many music programs throughout Vermont have succeeded in introducing, nurturing and training young musicians. They have been this music teacher's 'best friend.'”
David M. (Shelburne, Vt.)
“I have been an Ellis Music customer for 33 years as a Vermont music educator. Prior to that, as a student musician I was a rental customer, as subsequently were my children. I have the utmost respect for the integrity of the Ellis business model, a family-owned company that gives back to the musical community while providing great service.”
Glendon I. (Rutland Town, Vt.)
“When I picked up [my son's] instrument at Ellis, I was referred to the VYO Website and we landed an awesome instructor who was within a mile of our home! Thanks so much for being so knowledgeable.”
Sue R. (South Burlington, Vt.)
“I have had few contacts with your company so far but all have been just excellent. You are true professionals as well as very friendly, knowledgeable people.”
Virginia W. (Lebanon, N.H.)
“Last summer my boy who I work with on trombone broke his trigger on his trombone right while playing for a show at the Haskell Opera House in Derby Line. I was able to schedule Ellis repairman time ahead, took the youngster down a few days later and got the repair done in one day while we waited (meanwhile trying out trombone and piano music in a back practice room)... We were extremely pleased. I've found this company highly reliable and satisfactory.”
David K. (Columbia, N.H.)
"Many thanks! Your service is excellent and reliable."
Judy H. (Keene, N.H.)
“I would like to thank you for the scholarship you awarded to me. With your financial support, I will be able to continue with my private lessons over the summer and prepare more advanced pieces for the District, All State, New England, and All Eastern Music Festivals.”
Cassandra P. (Orwell, Vt.)
“Thank you so much for the Ellis Music Company District III Scholarship! Your scholarship will help me reach my goal of becoming a music teacher, enriching the lives of more young people through music. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.”
Leslie S. (Colchester, Vt.)
“Just a quick note of thanks for all your help in choosing the perfect French horn for [my daughter]. She is thrilled with it and plays all the time. When my other daughter is ready for a better clarinet, you can be sure we'll make the trip up to Ellis Music.”
Beth K. (Peterborough, N.H.)
“Thank you so much for coming and speaking to our MENC chapter about instrumental repair. We really appreciate the time and information you have given us. We'll definitely be putting these skills to use in the future.”
Tracey G. (Woodstock, Vt.)
“We're very lucky to have the Ellis Music Company in the state as a constant source of support for all of us [educators]. Thanks again for your continuing contribution to the All State Festival and music education in Vermont.”
Trish C. (Essex, Vt.)
“My family LOVES Ellis Music! The ease and convenience of renting your instruments through the school program has been wonderful. You have introduced the world of music to my three children in a way I could not, and it has had an enormous positive impact on their lives!”
Sara R. (Stowe, Vt.)
“Thank you so much for all that you do for the Kurn Hattin children.”
Kim F. (Westminster, Vt.)
“Always excellent work and service...”
E. Shevlin (Ashland, N.H.)
“Everyone was very nice and polite. And patient. Very helpful in finding what we needed and answering our questions. Better than the competition by far.”
Lisa B. (Rutland, Vt.)
“I had awesome service.... They made sure I was happy and knew what to do and how to take care of my instrument. Overall I am VERY happy and satisfied!!”
Victoria W. (Claremont, N.H.)
“We had the most pleasant experience at Ellis Music today. My son needed an intermediate trumpet and [the sales representative] was so great accommodating him to make sure the trumpet as well as the mouthpiece would be a good fit. All of the staff who worked with us were kind, patient, and knowledgeable. Thank you!”
Laura M. (Swanzey, N.H.)
“THANK YOU to whoever worked on my flute! It hasn't played like this for a long time -- I knew that low C was there somewhere!”
Mary C. (Harrisville, N.H.)
“Thank you for the excellent job you did servicing my daughter's flute.”
Wendy B. (Vergennes, Vt.)
“Thank you so much for your generous support of the VYOA [Vermont Youth Orchestra Association] and your sponsorship of the Music Day Camp!”
Jeff D.(Colchester, Vt.)
“Thanks for the payment last month towards your wonderfully generous pledge to our capital campaign... The Ellis Music room is particularly wonderful and is already getting good use. We are so grateful to you for your participation in making all of this possible. We are extremely grateful.”
Chandler Center for the Arts (Randolph, Vt.)
“Thanks for everything you do in support of music education in Vermont.”
Bear I. (North Clarendon, Vt.)
“I love the pro Yamaha [tenor saxophone]! Have used it for a couple gigs with The Moonlighters. I love it! It's in tune, so much lighter to carry, it's "pretty", sounds great, and the case is great too!”
Janet H. (Hartland, Vt.)
“I am very appreciative of the people of Ellis Music. I am always treated warmly and professionally. The repairs and care for my 1970's vintage bugles has been first-rate!”
Bill S. (Northfield, Vt.)
“Thanks for taking such wonderful care of my "old friend" -- my clarinet never worked so good... I love the [new] case, nice and compact.”
Melissa V. (Morrisville, Vt.)
“At Ellis Music, they can rebuild them. They have the technology. Faster, stronger, straighter, air tight...! Amazing work on my alto!”
Brian M. (Shelburne, Vt.)
“I've sent several of my personal horns to be worked on, as well as those of many students. I can think of no other place in the region to get the level of professional service that I've received.”
Ray V. (Burlington, Vt.)
“Thank you for all your hard work in support of musicians, especially our young musicians, throughout our area. As a musician myself, the parent of a student musician, and Orchestra Manager for Green Mountain Youth Symphony, I am acutely aware of how important your work really is to our communities.”
Leah W. (Montpelier, Vt.)
“I would like to thank you for selecting me for the District III Music Scholarship... I am encouraged in knowing that wonderful companies like yours invest in the future of musicians like myself... It is truly a privilege that Vermont has such a wonderful supporter of youth music.”
Jacob M. (Colchester, Vt.)
“Leave it to the Ellis Music Repair Shop to make horns from 1946 and 1957 play better than horns made in 2012. Jon Ranney took the "fight" out of my horns, now I can divert that energy and thought into making music!”
Brian M. (Shelburne, Vt.)
“Thank you for 34 years of excellent service! It's been a pleasure to work with all of you.”
Susan H. (Brandon, Vt.)
“Kathy repaired and cleaned my Haynes flute recently. She did a superior job, and was most helpful in making suggestions for me to eradicate mold in [my] flute case. Very helpful, and a fine craftswoman! I'll be back!”
Catherine N. (East Middlebury, Vt.)