Professional Instrument Repairs

Whether you need a routine tune-up or a complete overhaul, Ellis Music's repair staff can get your instrument in shape!

Photo of repair shop staff working

Our expert technicians repair brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments, as well as certain electronic instruments. They can fix most problems, whether the issue is damage-related or not. They work on privately-owned instruments, school/institutional instruments, and rental instruments. The Ellis Music repair shop fixes instruments for professional musicians and also maintains thousands of student model instruments each year.

So, regardless of where your instrument came from and how old it is, we can assess its condition and make recommendations for restoring it to prime condition. It's no fun playing an instrument that is out of adjustment... get your instrument checked out and rediscover the joy of music.

Repair estimates are free, whether the instrument was purchased from Ellis Music Company or elsewhere. Customers can request a loaner instrument to use while their instrument is being fixed, which helps to ensure that valuable practice time is not lost.

Picture of disassembled flute with repair tools

Our shop utilizes the latest cleaning technology in the industry with our Ultrasonic Cleaner®. This machine uses high-pitched sound waves to remove debris more effectively than by traditional methods. It is also a "greener" approach to cleaning, as the chemicals used are biodegradable, making it safe to the environment, technicians, and most importantly, customers and their instruments.

Repair Services Provided

Chances are good that if your brass, woodwind, percussion, or electronic instrument needs repair, we can fix it! Select an instrument family to see a sample of the types of repairs we can perform. Estimates are FREE!

Getting Your Instrument to Ellis Music

There are multiple ways you can get your instrument to our repair shop...

Drop off the instrument at our store in Bethel, Vt.

Feel free to stop by anytime the store is open and a repair technician can assess your instrument. If you want to work with a specific repair technician, we strongly suggest calling in advance to schedule an appointment. Ellis Music is located conveniently close to Interstate 89. Refer to our contact page for business hours and directions.

Schedule a pickup at a VT or NH school

To schedule a repair pickup at a school in Vermont or New Hampshire during the academic year, either call Ellis Music or submit our online pickup request form. Rental instruments can be picked up and dropped off through the music department at your local school. Privately owned (non-rental) instruments can often be handled this way also, but it is your responsibility to make arrangements with the school's instrumental music teacher in advance.

Ship the instrument via UPS or USPS

We strongly suggest using a shipping method that allows you to track your instrument. Print out our Instrument Repair PDF form, fill in your information, and put the form inside your instrument case with the instrument. Then pack the instrument case securely in a shipping box and take it to the shipper of your choice. Be sure to read our Shipping Instructions for important addressing information.

When I came in the technician explained the minimum that would need to be done to bring my flute back to health, and also took the time to explain how a complete refurbishing could actually save me money if I was really going to get into playing the flute again. Her expertise and attitude greatly impressed me. There was no pressure, and I knew I was getting an honest appraisal.

Eileen (Randolph, Vt.)

Frequently Asked Questions about Repairs

Sometimes it is obvious that an instrument needs repair.

  • The instrument is dented.
  • A pad has fallen out.
  • One or more slides are stuck.
  • The instrument cannot be assembled (or disassembled).
  • Etc.

In other situations, the issue may not be seen, but rather heard or felt.

  • The instrument seems harder to play.
  • Notes you are usually able to produce don't sound right.

Whatever the issue, we suggest getting the instrument checked out by an Ellis Music instrument repair technician, who can determine the problem.

Your instrument will need to be inspected by a repair technician in order to determine the amount of work needed to restore your instrument to prime playing condition and provide you with an estimated cost of any repairs. Estimates are free! You just need to get the instrument to Ellis Music somehow (see options elsewhere on this page).

A repair technician can provide you with an estimated repair time after examining your instrument. Basic maintenance can usually be completed within one week (two weeks during busy seasons). Repads and overhauls can take a month or more, depending on the volume of instruments in the repair shop. Every now and then, an instrument requires only minor adjustments or quick repairs that can be completed while you wait – such as pulling out a stuck mouthpiece from a brass instrument – but in general, plan on having to leave your instrument at the repair shop.
Yes! Our skilled repair technicians maintain our fleet of rental instruments, but they also spend a great deal of time repairing instruments that are owned by individuals. Estimates are free of charge.
Yes, typically. You will need to request a loaner instrument by calling Ellis Music or indicating on our repair form that you need a loaner; we do not assume that one is needed. We have loaners for most of the instruments we rent. All of our loaners are student models. In cases where we have a limited number of loaners available, there may be a waiting list, and preference is given to rental customers. There is no charge for borrowing a loaner instrument.