The Flute Boot Camp Manual (A Universal Flute and Piccolo Guide)

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Designed for flutists at all levels of experience, The Flute Boot Camp Manual is a comprehensive training experience for students, studio teachers, and band directors. This volume begins with basic flute assembly and instrument care and quickly develops to more advanced techniques, practice routines, vibrato control, managing adrenaline in audition situations, and much, much more. Musical selections for flute ensemble are included, along with complete fingering and trill charts to solve the trickiest of performance demands. And, it can be easily adapted for year-round instruction or condensed to a six-hour intensive “boot camp” experience that can transform the individual or the flute section of any concert band or marching unit. A must for the developing flutists in your ensemble.

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Composer or Author: Tracy Harris and Todd Harris
Arranger or Editor:
Instrument: Flute|Piccolo

  • Proper Assembly of Your Flute
  • Proper Hand/Body Position When Playing Your Flute
  • Breathing - The Essential Techniques
  • Tone - Secrets to Producing Amazing Tone Fast
  • Tuning and Timing
  • Vibrato - Learn How In Under Five Minutes
  • Articulation for Both Single & Double Tonguing
  • The Piccolo - From "Terrible Twig" to "Beautiful Branch"
  • Care and Maintenance of the Flute
  • Efficient Practice Routines / Mental Strategies That Can Help You Win Principal Chair - How to Handle the "Adrenaline Factor"
  • Flute Boot Scales
  • Foot Boot Concert Music
  • Flute Fingering Chart with Alternate Fingerings
  • Flute Trill Chart with Alternate Fingerings