Musical Instruments

Special orders may be placed for instruments not listed above. Calling to confirm availability prior to visiting the store is advisable for certain instruments, particularly during the months of September and October.

instruments photoEllis Music maintains a significant stock of band and orchestra instruments. We also sell Korg-brand digital pianos, Yamaha keyboards and Yamaha drum sets. Student-model instruments (both new and used) are available for rental or for sale. All used instruments have gone through our repair shop and been restored to top playing condition. Intermediate and professional model instruments are available for sale only. Payment plans are available; call for more details. All instruments purchased from Ellis Music, regardless of level, include free adjustments for a year at no extra charge.

In addition to instruments, Ellis Music sells all kinds of accessories and printed music.

To RENT a student model instrument, visit our online rental page.

To PURCHASE a student model instrument, please call 802-234-6400 for assistance. Our available stock of new and used student model instruments changes on a daily basis; when you call, someone can provide you with a quote based on current availability.

To BROWSE instruments or PURCHASE an intermediate/pro instrument, select from the categories near the top of the page. If you do not see the instrument you are looking for on this website, please contact us to inquire about placing a special order.

High Quality Brand Name Instruments

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Frequently Asked Questions about Instrument Sales & Purchases

Yes! We sell both new and used musical instruments. The instruments in our rental fleet are available for sale at a depreciated price. Please call for more information.
Yes, Ellis Music does offer financing, allowing you to purchase an instrument over time (up to 2 years) by making monthly payments. The monthly payment amount cannot be less than the current rental rate for that instrument. A downpayment may be required. For additional information about financing an instrument purchase, please call the store.
Sometimes. The instruments we buy from individuals typically fall into two categories: (1) student model instruments of the same brand that we currently use for rentals, and (2) professional model instruments that are in demand. If you have an instrument you wish to sell to Ellis Music, please use our "Buy My Instrument" form to submit details. There is no guarantee that Ellis Music will offer to purchase your instrument, nor are you obligated to accept any purchase offer that may be made.