News & Announcements from Ellis Music

Summer Business Hours Notice

Ellis Music's summer hours begin on July 1. During July and August, the store is closed on Saturdays. Our weekday hours remain the same (Monday through Friday, 8:00am-5:30pm). (Posted June 18, 2018)

School Delivery Option

The school delivery option has been disabled for the summer. Ellis Music representatives travel to schools only when they are in session. All web orders placed during summer break will either need to be shipped via UPS or USPS or picked up in person at the store. The school delivery option for students will be reinstated in mid-August. For assistance, feel free to call the store. (Posted June 16, 2018)

Time to Upgrade Your Instrument?

If you have been playing a student model instrument for a few years and are continuing to improve, it may be time to consider an intermediate or professional model instrument. Current renters who are upgrading can choose to apply their accumulated rent credit toward the price of the new instrument. Stop by Ellis Music to try out our selection of step-up instruments, or call for more information.  (Posted April 23, 2017)