Concert and Contest Collection for Bass Clarinet (Solo Book)

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A top-rated collection of solo literature offering each instrument a variety that is simply superb. A very high percentage of the solos in these books are included on various state contest lists. Piano accompaniments published separately.

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Composer or Author: Various
Arranger or Editor: H. Voxman
Instrument: Bass Clarinet

  • Concertino in D Minor (L. Ostransky)
  • Andante from Concerto in Bb Major (A. Beon)
  • Chincoteague (C. Hurrell)
  • Concerto #8 in Bb (G.F. Handel)
  • Divertissement in Bb (Haydn-Hervig)
  • Largo and Allegro from Sonata 1, Op. 3 (J.B. Loeillet)
  • Largo and Allegro Vivace from Sonata in Bb Major (J.B. Loeillet)
  • Minuet and Gigue from Suite No. 1 for Solo Cello (J.S. Bach)
  • Mosaic (R.W. Walthew)
  • Patrol Russe (V. Voloschinov)
  • Romance and Troika (Prokifieff-Hummel)
  • Sarabande and Bourree from First French Suite (Bach-Hervig)
  • Sonatina (R. Hervig)
  • Two Russian Pieces (V. Kalinikoff)