Concert and Contest Collection for Baritone Bass Clef (Solo Book)

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This top-rated collection of solo literature from the celebrated Rubank catalog is known by teachers and students everywhere. Each book offers a superb variety of solos customized for that instrument, and most state solo/ensemble contest lists include several solos from this collection. (Piano accompaniment sold separately.) Now available: Performance/Accompaniment CD (04002585) Solo Book with Performance/Accompaniment CD - Baritone B.C. (04470007) Now students can perform these acclaimed solos with high quality recordings. Includes full performances by professional players, as well as piano accompaniment tracks.

    • Air Gai (G.P. Berlioz)
    • Andante and Allegro (R. Clerisse)
    • Andante from Concerto In Eb (F.J. Haydn)
    • Calm As The Night (C. Bohm)
    • Concertino (L. Ostransky)
    • Dedication / Zueignung (R. Strauss)
    • Elegie (A. Duquesne)
    • L'Allegro - The Merry Man (P. Koepke)
    • Morceau De Concours (G. Alary)
    • My Regards (E. Llewellyn)
    • Orientale (J. Ed. Barat)
    • Petite Piece Concertante (G. Balay)
    • Prem.Solo De Concours (R. Maniet)
    • Romance In Eb (Ostransky)
    • Sarabanda and Gavotta (A. Corelli)
    • Serenade, Op.22, No.1 (O. Bohme)