Standard of Excellence Jazz Combo Session for Drums & Vibes

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Finally, a flexible collection of pieces that cut to the core of the jazz experience - playing in a combo! Standard of Excellence Jazz Combo Session is a collection of compositions that can be played in a wide variety of 'combo' settings, with any combination of intstruments. Includes parts for all woodwind, brass, and string instruments in addition to guitar, piano, bass, drums, and vibes. Kjos Multiple Option Scoring allows tunes to be played as solos, duets, trios, or quartets as well as by traditional jazz ensemble, concert bands, string or full orchestras, or any size ensemble! Play-along ACCOMPANIMENT CDs in each student book, recorded by professional jazz musicians, include a first mix with rhythm section accompaniment featuring solo trumpet playing the melody & solo sax playing harmony. A second mix then features rhythm section accompaniment only so the student can play along. Great for intermediate students to sharpen their improvisation and performance skills!

    • Charlie Jams Again
    • Milo on the Midway
    • Space Walk
    • My Last Nickel
    • Lunch at the Spot
    • Swing Town
    • Tadpole Blues
    • Skitter with the Mice
    • They Went Thatta Way
    • I Bossa U
    • Don't Forget the Sunscreen