Aebersold Volume 45 - Bill Evans

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Intermediate/Advanced. Harmonically speaking, Bill Evans remains one of the most influential musicians and composers in jazz. His compositions are among the richest and most original, laced with beautiful, lush alterations and passing chords. This set represents a sampling of Bill's illustrious career from Waltz For Debby, written in 1954, to Laurie, composed in 1979. Others provide unique challenges and give valuable insight into Bill's creative genius. The rhythm section skillfully plays each composition in the Bill Evans style, including his favorite piano voicings. All to provide you with a realistic sense of the Bill Evans mystic.

    • Waltz For Debby
    • Walkin' Up
    • Laurie
    • Peri's Scope
    • Funkallero
    • Turn Out The Stars
    • Very Early
    • Interplay
    • Time Remembered