Korg SP280 Digital Piano (with stand)

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The Korg SP280 is a great piano for the home as well as for performing musicians. With a digital piano, you don't have to worry about expensive annual tunings, and the stand legs on this model can be easily removed so you can move the piano more easily.

Players of all levels appreciate playing an instrument that faithfully recreates a true concert grand piano. Korg's SP-280 offers that experience in a beautifully designed digital piano.

  • Rich, dynamic acoustic piano sounds that are enjoyable to play
  • Authentic vintage electric piano sounds, perfect for live performance
  • Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) keyboard faithfully reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano
  • Lightweight design makes transportation easy
  • Stereo audio input is provided, for playing along with external audio sources; other connections include Line Out (left and right), MIDI in/out, and a 1/8" headphone jack
  • Piano stand included

Dimensions (inches): 53.58 length × 15.98 width × 30.91 height (including stand, excluding music stand). The piano itself without the music stand attached is approximately 6 inches tall.

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  • Keys: 88 key (A0–C8), NH (Natural Weighted Hammer) Keyboard with touch adjustment (light, normal, heavy)
  • Pedals: 1 (damper, half-pedaling supported)
  • Pitch Adjustment Range: 427.5 Hz to 452. Hz (.05 Hz steps)
  • Temperament: 9 kinds
  • Sounds: 30 (10 x 3 Banks): Acoustic Piano x 5, Electric Grand, Electric Piano x 6, Harpsichord, Clavichord x 2,Vibraphone, Marimba, Acoustic Guitar, Jazz Organ x 3, Pipe Organ x 3, Strings x 3, Choir 3
  • Metronome: Tempo, Time Signature, Accent, Sound and Volume controls
  • Inputs/Outputs: Line Out (L/MONO, R), Line In, MIDI (In, Out), Headphones x 2
  • Other Features: transpose, fine tuning, brilliance control, reverb
  • Amplification: 22 Watt x 2
  • Dimensions: 53.58 × 15.98 × 30.91 inches (including piano stand, excluding music stand)
  • Weight: 41.89 lbs (including piano stand, excluding music stand)

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