Fundamental Studies for Mallets

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Written by Garwood Whaley

This method will provide the beginning student with an interesting and progressive approach to the art of mallet playing. The book is divided into three main sections.

  • Section 1: Preliminary Studies - Each of these17 pages consists of technique, reading, and memorization. Teh simultaneous study of these elements will quickly develop the student's keyboard facility.
  • Secion 2: Reading Studies - A collection of works by well-known composers, arranged for mallet instruments.
  • Section 3: Technical Studies - A series of exercises which include major scales, major chords, minor scales, minor chords, and chromatic studies. These exercises may be used in conjunction with section 1 or section 2.

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Composer or Author: Garwood Whaley
Arranger or Editor:
Instrument: Mallet Percussion|Xylophone|Marimba|Vibraphone