Accessible Solo Repertoire for Bb Clarinet (18 Festival Solos with Piano)

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Accessible Solo Repertoire contains eighteen newly composed or arranged solos with piano accompaniment written at grades 2 to 2.5. Written by one of the most popular composers of music for students today, Larry Clark, and the talented up and coming composer Tyler Arcari, these solos will add something new, fresh, and different to your solo repertoire. Larry and Tyler use their experience as music educators to write solos that are fun to play and musically stimulating. These solos are perfect for use at an adjudicated solo festival or recital. Each book comes with beautifully set solo parts. Piano accompaniment parts, full recordings, and piano only recordings of each piece are available for download from the Excelcia Music Publishing website.

  • Barbary Coast - Larry Clark
  • Bountiful Harvest - Tyler Arcari
  • Danse Macbre - Saint-Saens / Tyler Arcari
  • Earth Song - Tyler Arcari
  • Humble Heart - Larry Clark
  • An Inconsistent Love - Tyler Arcari
  • Italian Song - Tchaikovsky / Larry Clark
  • Kelvin Grove - Traditional / Larry Clark
  • Minuet - Amy Beach / Larry Clark
  • Never to Rise Again - Tyler Arcari
  • Serenade - Schubert / Tyler Arcari
  • SkyDance - Tyler Arcari
  • Sonatina - Clementi / Larry Clark
  • Spinning Song - Ellmenreich / Larry Clark
  • Swan Dancing - Larry Clark
  • The Eastern Moors - Tyler Arcari
  • The Water Wide - Traditional / Tyler Arcari
  • Wild Horseman - Schumann / Larry Clark