Fingerboard Geography for the String Class

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String pedagogue Barbara Barber has developed an intonation system which teaches string players the layout of the fingerboard and takes the guesswork out of playing in tune. In String Class Fingerboard Geography, "Finger Marches" establish the 1st finger "home base" note on all four strings. Finger Pattern Exercises -- four basic color-coded patterns for violin, viola, cello and bass -- develop quick, precise action in the left hand without the need for fingerboard tapes. Fingerboard Geography exercises teach note names, distances and intervals for all the notes in 1st position (cellos and basses shift). "No Fear Shifting" has students sailing effortlessly all the way to 8th position on their first day of shifting. Can be used as a daily warm-up routine and complements perfectly any beginning string method. All four instruments are included in one simple book.

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Composer or Author: Barbara Barber
Arranger or Editor:
Instrument: Violin|Viola|Cello|Bass