Rico Reserve X5 Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

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Inspired by the most prized, vintage mouthpieces of the 1920s, the Reserve harnesses modern technology, pioneered by DAddario, to recreate the incomparable craftsmanship found in these legendary works of art. Millednot moldedfrom hard rubber for a higher level of consistency, every Reserve mouthpiece is machined to the strictest tolerances. But make no mistake: the true beauty of Reserve lies beyond its polished angles, glorious curves and proprietary materials to something far more remarkable its sound.

  • The worlds first 100% precision-milled, vintage-inspired mouthpieces
  • Proprietary rubber is unique to Reserve mouthpieces and is milled, not molded
  • Precision machining delivers unparalleled accuracy no hand finishing required
  • Designed by a team of top players, craftsmen and engineers
  • Made in USA by D’Addario

Tip Opening: 1.05mm

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