Instrument Overview

picture of a bassoon

The bassoon is a member of the woodwind instrument family. Like the oboe, it is a "double reed" instrument, with sound produced from the vibration of two reeds that are tied together. There are several keys to operate and tone holes to cover using both the left and right hands. When playing the bassoon, the musician's thumbs are responsible for pressing several different keys (unlike other woodwind instruments, which typically only have one key that is pressed by the thumb).

The bassoon generally plays low notes but also is featured occasionally with melodies.

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Bassoon Facts

  • Instrument Family: Woodwind
  • Key: C (concert pitch) - sound matches the written note
  • Clef: bass clef (occasionally tenor clef)
  • Reputable Student Brands Include: Renard (by Fox), Selmer

Some bassoonists to listen to:

  • Paul Hanson
  • Nadina Mackie Jackson
  • Sophie Dervaux
  • Illinois Jacquet
  • Milan Turkovic