Instrument Overview

picture of an oboe

The oboe is a member of the woodwind instrument family. The oboe is known as a "double reed" instrument, as the sound is created through the vibration of two reeds that are tied together. It has several keys, which are operated by the fingers of the left and right hands. The sound of an oboe can be easily heard; even large bands and orchestras typically only have a few people playing the oboe.

The oboe looks a lot like a clarinet, but it is very different... do not confuse the two!

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Oboe Facts

  • Instrument Family: Woodwind
  • Key: C (concert pitch) - sound matches the written note
  • Clef: treble clef
  • Reputable Student Brands Include: Selmer, Renard (by Fox), Yamaha

Some oboists to listen to:

  • John Mack
  • Humbert Lucarelli
  • Albrecht Mayer
  • Eugene Izotov
  • Elaine Douvas
  • Marcel Tabuteau
  • Katherine Needleman