Snare Drum

Instrument Overview

picture of a snare drum

The snare drum is a member of the percussion instrument family. The characteristic sound of the snare drum is produced by the rattling of metal snares against the bottom of the drum when the top head is struck with a stick.

Becoming a good snare drum player is not as easy as it may seem; it requires excellent left and right hand coordination and muscle development. The snare drum is what is known as "unpitched percussion"... you cannot play melodies on a snare drum, just rhythms. Many drummers eventually learn to play other percussion instruments as well.

When you rent a snare drum, it comes with a rubber disc that fits on top of the drum to make it somewhat quieter when practicing. Also included is a snare drum stand and a pair of drum sticks.

Learning to play a snare drum can be the first step in playing a drum set (available for sale from Ellis Music).

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Snare Drum Facts

  • Instrument Family: Percussion
  • Key: not applicable
  • Clef: neutral clef (a.k.a. percussion clef)
  • Reputable Student Brands Include: Ludwig, Yamaha