The above video uses content from a series of videos that were produced in 2021. The full set of videos can be viewed below, or you may wish to explore the instruments of the band and orchestra.

Ellis Music Instrument Introduction Videos

A series of short educational films were produced for Ellis Music by Jim Giberti of The Imagination Company in August of 2021 to help young students choose an instrument to learn at school. In them, the instruments most commonly found in concert bands and orchestras are demonstrated by students and adults of varying ages and experience. Each musician tells a bit about why they chose their instrument and the nature and unique characteristics of that particular instrument. It is an inspirational collection that also shares these musicians' passion for music and its importance in their lives.

In 2023, another feature was produced for Ellis Music by Jim Giberti of The Imagination Company. The film re-visited a trio of flute players featured in a 2018 Ellis Music commercial who continue to study music together. Their lesson teacher shares the girls' story, talks about life skills learned through music study, and reflects on how music and music educators can change lives.