Instrument Overview

picture of a trumpet

The trumpet is a member of the brass instrument family. To produce a sound on the trumpet, you have to "buzz" your lips into a small metal mouthpiece. The three valves of the trumpet, combined with the adjustment of a player's "embouchure" (muscles around the mouth) allow it to play a full range of notes.

The trumpet is a very common instrument, found in bands, orchestras, jazz ensembles, brass quintets, and other groups.

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Trumpet Facts

  • Instrument Family: Brass
  • Key: (most common) Bb - sounds a major 2nd lower than written note; there are also trumpets pitched in C and several other keys
  • Clef: treble clef
  • Reputable Student Brands Include: Bach, Conn, Jupiter, King, Holton, Yamaha

Some trumpeters to listen to:

  • Wynton Marsalis
  • Alison Balsom
  • Tine Thing Helseth
  • Maynard Ferguson
  • Wayne Bergeron