Vito V7214 Bb Clarinet

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To purchase this instrument (either new or used), please contact Ellis Music for pricing and availability. All used instruments have gone through Ellis Music’s repair shop and been restored to top playing condition.

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Leblanc Vito clarinets were named after the founder of Leblanc USA, Vito Pascucci. Leblanc student instruments have always been sensitive to the needs of developing students.Vito clarinets are built to last, so they are ideal for young clarinetists.

Features include:

  • Acoustically designed for the beginning student, with bore configuration allowing an open feel and lively tone.
  • Hand-bored for better intonation and even resistance.
  • Body made of ABS plastic, which is not affected by humidity and temperature disparity. Brushed wood-grain finish.
  • Patented PRAG alignment guide ensures correct assembly of the instrument.
  • Undercut tone holes for livelier response, easier-speaking notes, and tuning ratios that are consistently superior.
  • Power-forged nickel silver results in much stronger keys that are less likely to bend; their greater rigidity creates a more solid fingering response.
  • Patented "jump" trill keys close evenly on tone hole for fewer squeaks and more even pad wear.