The A Cappella Singer for Mixed Voices

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A collection of motets, madrigals, chansons, carols, ayres, ballets, and more. Edited by H. Cough-Leighter. Published by ECS Publishing.

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Composer or Author:
Arranger or Editor: H. Clough-Leighter
Instrument: Voice
Voicing: SATB

  • Sing we and chant it (Morley)
  • April is in my Mistress' face (Morley)
  • Now is the month of Maying (Morley)
  • My Bonny Lass (Morley)
  • Shoot, false love, I care not (Morley)
  • Dainty, fine, sweet nymph (Morley)
  • Flora gave me fairest flowers (Wilbye)
  • Adieu, sweet Amarillis (Wilbye)
  • Grace my lovely one, fair beauties (Weelkes)
  • Lady, your eye my love enforced (Weelkes)
  • I thought that Love had been a boy (Byrd)
  • Let go, why do you stay me (Bennett)
  • The Silver Swan (Gibbons)
  • Rest, sweet nymphs (Pilkington)
  • In these delightful, pleasant groves (Purcell)
  • Matona, lovely maiden (di Lasso)
  • I know a young maiden wondrous fair (di Lasso)
  • Good-day dear heart (di Lasso)
  • Ah, could my eyes behold thee (di Lasso)
  • O eyes of my beloved (di Lasso)
  • My heart doth beg you'll not forget (di Lasso)
  • Gay little Nymph (Regnard)
  • One smiling summer morning (Verdelot)
  • To woodland glades I must fare (Tessier)
  • Coletta (Gevaert)
  • Spring returns (Marenzio)
  • So well I know who's happy (Vecchi)
  • You defy me, beloved foe (Giovanelli)
  • Cloud Messengers (Cui)
  • Radiant stars, above the mountains glowing (Cui)