Yamaha YCR-2310III Cornet


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Yamaha standard cornets have been designed to incorporate many of the features and characteristics of our top pro models, yet at a standard model price. They offer a beautiful traditional cornet sound, and have highly accurate intonation and a comfortable playability. The 2310III has an American-style bell and features a thumbhook on the 1st valve slide. The lightweight design gives a quick, easy response.

Specs: Key of Bb; .459 bore; 4 2/3" yellow-brass bell; monel alloy pistons; rounded leadpipe; 1st valve thumbhook; adjustable 3rd valve slide ring; gold epozy lacquer; CRC-2310U case; L11C4 mouthpiece.

All used instruments have gone through Ellis Music’s repair shop and been restored to top playing condition.