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Instruments Available for Rental

Instruments not listed above (including english horn, soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone, tuba, drum set, and ukulele) may be purchased from Ellis Music but are not available on a rental basis.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rentals

Yes! All rentals automatically include a purchase option. Ellis Music's rental program is designed to make it affordable for people to rent and eventually own an instrument. With each rental payment made, you are building up "rent credit" that can be used toward purchasing either the instrument you are renting or an instrument of greater value for the individual who is using the instrument. For additional information about rent credit and how it works, current rental customers are encouraged to contact Ellis Music by phone during business hours.
It depends on the purchase price of the instrument you are renting, but renting until you own on average takes between 3 and 6 years. You are always welcome to contact Ellis Music for a payoff quote. Rental instruments can be purchased at any point in time, and there’s an extra discount applied when you pay off an instrument early.
Intermediate and professional model instruments are available for purchase only. However, if you are currently renting a student model instrument from Ellis Music, your rent credit can be applied toward the purchase of a more advanced instrument. Also, whether or not you rent, Ellis Music offers time payment plan options that may allow you to spread out payments over one or two years in order to make your purchase as affordable as possible. Contact us for additional details.
Our rental is an auto-renewing monthly contract. The rental agreement remains in effect, with rent due each month in advance throughout the calendar year, until you either purchase the instrument or you return it to Ellis Music.
Certainly! Continuing to practice and perform will make you a better musician. Your instrument rental is not tied to your school or the academic calendar, so there is no need to "turn it in" just because school is out. The monthly rental agreement remains in effect until the instrument has been purchased or returned to Ellis Music.
If you are currently renting an instrument and wish to end the rental agreement, you must notify Ellis Music and make arrangements to get the instrument back to the store. For additional information, please refer to Returning a Rental Instrument.
As stated in the rental agreement and numerous places throughout the online rental process, rental fees will continue to be charged until the instrument makes it back to the store, and it is your responsibility (as the renter) to make sure the instrument is returned to Ellis Music. Before leaving an instrument at a school for pickup by an Ellis Music representative, you need to notify us of your intention to do so. Then we can put the instrument on our school pickup list. Unless you contact us, we have no way of knowing that you want to return the instrument. If you notified Ellis Music but are still getting charged, it likely means the instrument was not available for our representative to pick up. Note that we only travel to schools when school is in session (not during the summer). For return instructions, please refer to Returning a Rental Instrument. Once an instrument has been checked in at Ellis Music, rental charges will stop accruing and automatic payments will end. Any past due balance will be charged. If a refund is due to you, it will be issued by check or returned to a credit card, as applicable.
We currently only rent instruments to individuals living in Vermont or New Hampshire. If you are moving outside of one of those states, you will need to either purchase your rental instrument or return it to Ellis Music. Customers who plan to move — whether out of state or within the state — must notify Ellis Music of their new contact information, including address, phone number, and the name of the school the student will be attending (if applicable).

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