Ellis Music Instrument Rental Program
It's easy, affordable & smart!

trumpet playerEllis Music rents band and orchestra instruments to students and individuals throughout Vermont and New Hampshire.

Renting is a great way to try an instrument without making a large financial investment. For as little as 77 cents per day, you can have a quality musical instrument to use and be accruing "rent credit" that can be applied toward the purchase of either your rental instrument, a new student model instrument, or a new intermediate/professional model instrument. (Whether or not you purchase an instrument and how you choose to go about doing it is entirely your decision.)

Renting an instrument has additional benefits. If you want to switch instruments, your rental instrument can be easily exchanged for a different type of instrument. The instrument can be returned and the rental ended at any point in time (although the initial payment is not refundable). Ellis Music's "repair and replacement" plan keeps your mind at ease by ensuring that necessary repairs are covered at no charge for as long as you are renting, and the instrument can be replaced if destroyed in a fire or stolen.

Refer to the rental agreement for details about rent credit, repair coverage, and customer responsibilities.

Why Ellis Music?

High Quality - respected instrument brands that are recommended by teachers and guaranteed to work properly

Affordable - the rental rate for several instruments is under $25 per month

Minimal Commitment - the initial rental period is just 2 months for students (3 months for adults) and then it continues as a month-to-month rental thereafter

Peace of Mind - a one-time charge of just $5-$15 covers instrument for repairs for as long as you rent

Exchange Option - switch to a different instrument at any time without losing the equity you have built up

Multiple Paths to Ownership - payoff early and get a discount, rent until you own, or convert your rental into a purchase payment plan

Expert Repair Staff - professionally trained technicians on-site can fix any issues that may arise

Top-Notch Service - Ellis Music representatives visit schools throughout the region on a regular basis during the school year, and help is just a phone call or email away

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Instruments Available for Rental from Ellis Music

You can click on the name of an instrument below to see an image and basic information about it. Note: Schools/teachers do not necessarily offer lessons on all instruments listed below. When in doubt, check with your school or music teacher.

Bass Clarinet
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax
French Horn
Snare Drum
Percussion/Bell Kit
Double Bass

Instruments not listed above (including soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone, tuba, and drum set) may be purchased from Ellis Music but are not available for rental. Financing options are available for purchases.

For additional information about our rental program, please contact Ellis Music.

Returning a Rental Instrument

If you are currently renting an instrument and need information about how to close out your rental and return the instrument to Ellis Music, please call Ellis Music or refer to the instructions posted on our instrument return page. It is very important that you notify Ellis Music directly of your intention to return the instrument.